The Inclusion Table FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I started planning the Inclusion Table, I saw a need with my patients as they struggled to socialize and be included. Often, their large wheelchairs would not fit up to a regular dining table or desk. It was frustrating to not have a real solution for my patients – so I resolved to fix the problem.

After 13 years, I finalized my table design in 2018 and received my patent for the official Inclusion Table in 2021.

Yes, The Inclusion Table can be used in any setting – businesses, schools, restaurants, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and even home use. A home desk or a smaller dinner table are perfect uses for the Inclusion Table. It is durable and sturdy to allow these types of use and is a great option for your needs.

There are a few adjustable tables on the market that have both vertical and horizontal adjustment capabilities like The Inclusion Table. However, there is no table on the market with the innovative design of the 2 hand toggles at each table section– which makes it easy and quick to adjust the table sections to a person’s individual positioning needs. Right click for up and down adjustments and left click for in and out adjustments. It is so easy to use- that the adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds.

It is called The Inclusion Table because the table allows all persons seated in large wheelchairs to be “included” while dining or doing other activities with family or friends who may not need the table sections adjusted. All individuals can sit at the same table without leaving some individuals uncomfortable or unable to join in what is going on at the table. Everyone can be included.

Yes, we are working on designing a pediatric or children’s size version of the Inclusion Table. The pediatric version will be smaller in size and have an easel that can be placed up and down at the center of each table section for placement of books or art work. This is especially useful for children that need assistance holding and viewing books easily and who have difficulty reaching further areas.

By March or April, 2023 the Inclusion Table will be available for purchase. You can stay up to date on our release date by reaching out to us or by checking in on our site anytime.

Yes, the table sections are so easy to use. Any patients will be able to move the sections of The Inclusion Table using the intuitive and simple toggles on the edges, moving the table up, down, left, and right respectively. The adjustments can be made in a matter of seconds.

Yes! The Inclusion Table offers a 10 year warranty on the base and a 5 year warranty on components. 

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Benefits Of The Inclusion Table

  1. Allows all persons to be included in dining or other activities regardless of the size of chair or wheelchair in which they are sitting. 
  2.  Intuitive, quick, and easy up/down and in/out adjustments with 2- hand toggle actuators at each table section.
  3.  Has the look and feel of a regular dining table.
  4. Smooth under-surface to prevent injury.
  5. 4-wheeled caster system to easily move the table. 
  6. Static center for the placement of condiments or décor.
  7. Solid and sturdy quality construction 
  8. Can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, restaurants, businesses, and homes.