The Inclusion Table: The Best Wheelchair Accessible Table

What is The Inclusion Table?

The Inclusion Table TM is an easy-to-use, adjustable table designed to be wheelchair-friendly. The wheelchair accessible tables allow the table to be used by anyone who needs it, even those with additional special needs.  

The Inclusion Table TM is a 4′ x 4′ table with four individual sections that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally independent of one another with two hand toggles at each table section for quick and easy adjustments.

Perfect for any setting, this product is functional, easily movable, and designed to be inclusive for persons seated in large wheelchairs that otherwise would not be able to fit up to your dining table.

Nobody wants to be excluded. But for many, this is an everyday reality.

Most tables don’t accommodate large wheelchairs, leaving them unable to socialize or participate in activities with their friends and families.

The revolutionary, patented Inclusion Table TM solves this problem like no other table on the market. With four tabletop sections that easily adjust, both vertically and horizontally, The Inclusion Table TM can adapt to each individual’s needs, accommodating all wheelchairs and allowing everyone to be included.

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How to Use the Interactive Table

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Why The Inclusion Table?

Positioning a person seated in a large manual wheelchair or motorized wheelchair comfortably up to a dining table is often a real issue in any skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, hospital, home, school, meeting room, and restaurant. Wheelchair-accessible tables like the patented Inclusion Table TM are specifically designed to solve this problem. Our innovative product allows for all people seated in four different-sized wheelchairs or chairs to be seated at the same table and to feel included in the dining experience and is built to the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act as ADA-compliant products.

We have tested and tried The Inclusion Table TM and made them the perfect tables for wheelchairs. They are easy to use, and dining chairs, stools, and any desk chair can fit comfortably to include people of all kinds, wheelchair users or not. It doesn’t exclude any kind of user, and it can bear the weight of backpacks, dinner plates, and any needed equipment. Maneuvering and resetting it is easy, and its usefulness can’t be overstated. It has an adjustable height and reach. If there’s anything that will meet your needs for tables as a wheelchair user, it is here.

The Inclusion Table TM is the perfect solution for individuals who use wheelchairs. It is specifically designed to be accessible and easy to use, with a comfortable and intuitive design. The table is made from durable materials, ensuring it will last for years. It is also versatile, able to accommodate any size wheelchair with ease. Whether for dinner, games, study hall, or work, The Inclusion Table TM makes it easy to enjoy meals and other activities while seated at the wheelchair-accessible table.

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Backed By Warranty

The Inclusion Table has an excellent warranty. We understand that these tables are used often for many different purposes. They are designed for constant use and are engineered to hold up to wear and tear. 


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