What Is An ADA Accessible Table?

The inclusion table easy to use for disabled people.

The ADA stands for The Americans with Disabilities Act, a civil rights law enacted in 1990. This law was passed to help prevent discrimination against people that may have disabilities and to help provide them with the same opportunities as the rest of the community.

ADA-compliant tables need a surface height of no more than 34 inches and no less than 28 inches above the main floor. There needs to be a knee clearance of 25 inches or more under a workspace and a width clearance of 30 inches or more. Some different designs that can cater to people with disabilities and offer an accessible location include:

  • Adjustable dining tables and accessible tables. Any public setting can benefit from including accessible seating, and adjustable tables can provide that.
  • Accessible bathroom accessories. People with disabilities need an accessible route and accessible area to use public bathrooms. Accessible features that could make a big difference can include: doorless showers, trench drains, mounted sinks with no cabinets underneath, accessible light switches, and a grab bar. While bathroom accessibility is improving, there is always more that can be done, and accessible features should be a standard widespread.
  • Adjustable desks. As said above, accessible seating and adjustable tables are important to include in any setting as they can be wheelchair accessible. An adjustable desk is just as important in a workspace or school setting and should be provided for those who need it. Adjustable desks are often advertised as standing desks and a way to counteract the adverse effects of sitting for long periods. Still, adjustable desks are a great product for people in wheelchairs and people with disabilities.

Who Benefits From An Accessible Table?

Many workplaces and public settings end up being designed by people that don’t have a disability or have never had to struggle with one, and that unknowingly can put people with disabilities at a disadvantage. Providing the proper accommodation and a safe space for people that have disabilities is something that should put done without a second thought.

Anyone can benefit from an accessible environment—for example, a curb ramp. Introduced in the 1940s, it was used for people with mobility disabilities as a more specific point of access and entrance. Today we can see that curb ramps provide more benefits than initially planned. Curb ramps can provide ease of access for people with visual impairments or mobility issues and people using strollers or carts to transition from one surface to another.

For many people with disabilities or mobility issues, finding a safe space that is accessible and easy to get comfortable in and enjoy in public is necessary. Trying to position a person in a wheelchair at a fixed table can be a big issue and struggle, and it can’t provide the same opportunity that accessible tables would. An accessible table follows ADA standards and guidelines and can provide an equal and safe option for people with disabilities to be included in a dining experience. However, an example of a great accessibility feature that can benefit many people, including people with disabilities, is an Inclusion Table.

What Is An Inclusion Table?

Providing an accessible table over fixed tables can provide a safe space and accommodate people with disabilities and offer them the same and equal opportunities. The Inclusion Table is an ADA-compliant table for people with a disability. It is a 4′ x 4′ table with four respective sides that are accessible by adjusting each section vertically and horizontally in height and distance. It can be used in any public setting, and most importantly, it’s easily movable and designed to accommodate people with disabilities.

At Marion Innovations, we pride ourselves on making a difference and creating products that will help people with disabilities and create an independent and safe environment. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible service in hopes that we can provide quality products and help design a more inclusive world for people with disabilities.

An accessible seating location can provide an equal and safe opportunity for people with disabilities to feel included at the same table without struggle or hassle. The Inclusion Table is the future of an inclusive and accessible world. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative products and see what the future offers.