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At Marion Innovations, we are committed to making people’s lives better with our innovative solutions. Our patented and trademarked product, The Inclusion Table, is designed to allow people in large wheelchairs improved accessibility to a dining table. The Inclusion Table™ is like no other table on the market today and it will revolutionize how tables are built in the future due to its innovative design.

The inclusion table
U.S. Patent No. 10,980,338
Woman in wheelchair facing office desk or table, not inclusion table/ wheelchair accessible dining table

ADA Compliant Table

American Disability Act (ADA) standards have been in place for only three decades, and many locations haven’t made much progress in helping those with disabilities. Until the Inclusion Table, there wasn’t a truly inclusive option for wheelchair-accessible tables, and once we saw this, we knew we could help. 

ADA has minimum requirements that many locations use. They only allow for general wheelchair accessibility. We made sure to surpass this in our design and allow for additional height as needed, provide enough clearance, and create a social distancing option when needed. We aimed not just for ADA compliance, but to exceed the base requirements of the standard. 

3D Interactive Inclusion Table

How to Use the Interactive Table

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  • This table allows people, who could have never been able to dine together, to enjoy another’s company. It also makes a medical provider’s ability to care for people with different disabilities and needs – easier and more accessible. This table is amazing and will make any facility’s job in feeding easier.

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    Heather Royler, LPN
  • I love this table…it helps me a lot…so I can eat on my own.

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  • I love this table…because it helps me talk to my friends in this big chair.

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  • I love The Inclusion Table! It is very easy to use. The table serves such a great purpose for our residents at our facility. The table eliminates using bedside tables in a dining location, and allows four residents to eat at the same table using different settings and still be able to carry on a conversation. I feel that the residents and staff really enjoy the table.

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    Ben McInelly, Dietary Manager
  • This table fits me perfectly…I couldn’t find a better set up…I love it!

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  • This table is spectacular! The same day Neil delivered one of his Inclusion Tables to our facility, we were able to set up two residents to eat independently and socially for the first time! Both of these individuals have always needed and isolated set up to accommodate their power wheelchairs. Neil’s invention has certainly made a significant and positive impact on their lives. I also love that it is very easy to use. I love to see the friendly smiles and social interaction that The Inclusion Table affords people everyday in the dining room.

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    Erin Degroot, COTA, Rehab Manager
  • The Inclusion Table is great and easy to use for all residents. It provides a sense of dignity when it comes to the resident assisting themselves in eating.

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    Anahi Ayala, CNA
  • I love it. It helps me eat by myself.

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Real Accessibility

We designed The Inclusion Table to give people in large wheelchairs more accessibility to a table. It also allows individuals that require social distancing to do so while remaining at the table. The Inclusion Table can accommodate any size or type of wheelchair, from a heightened chair needing a raised table to a lengthy chair that would keep the user from the table’s edge. It also extends to allow needed distance. All four of its sides are able to accommodate to a specific individual, so any group, with or without disabilities, is able to gather at The Inclusion Table. 

The Inclusion Table™ is like no other table on the market today. It is able to move up and down as well as forward and backward to make these reaches. The process is simple and intuitive for anyone to use. Due to its innovative design, it will revolutionize how building anything for tables will change in the future 


Making Life Just a Little Easier

The Inclusion Table can be used in place of any table, from desks to covered picnic tables. It allows individuals of all chair heights and to be able to sit together. It has already been utilized in a variety of environments to them more available to those with less accessibility. 

We are able to accommodate for all wheelchairs with our patented device. The Inclusion Table is able to help in any home, school, and even public restaurant, that wants to have spaces with accessible tables.

The Inclusion Table is designed to make gatherings more inclusive for people in wheelchairs. Whether it’s for a family dinner, activities with loved ones, or just a comfortable workspace, our product is built mindful of people who might need different table level adjustments. You’ll no longer have to put up with the discomfort or exclusion that comes with regular, non-adjustable tables; The Inclusion Table can solve all this and more, so your life can be just a little bit easier. 

warranty badge for The Inclusion Table

Backed By Warranty

The Inclusion Table has an excellent warranty. We understand that these tables are used often for many different purposes. They are designed for constant use and are engineered to hold up to wear and tear. 


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